Can I PLEASE Adopt This Kid?! (The Baby Bookworm Edition)

Books - bookcase top shelf

(Photo credit: ~ Phil Moore)

There’s been times where I’ve met kids and thought, “Can I adopt this child? No, seriously?”

Today I saw one of those kids at a book store and listened in on what was probably the most glorious conversation ever.

It consisted between a little girl and her mother. It went like this:

Daughter: Mom! Mom! Mom! Books! BOOKS! Can I get a book?

Mom: You already have books.

Daughter: Yeah, I know I already have 4 books in the car, but I swear I’ll read those! PLEASE CAN I GET A NEW BOOK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

I just wanted to walk up to this kid and be like, “OMG BFFL?!!”. Then, like, hug her and walk off with her. Maybe even share a library with her.

I mean, I can barely get any of my little cousins to finish one book. This girl’s got a TBR list and she’s like, six or something.

My faith in humanity has now been restored.


3 thoughts on “Can I PLEASE Adopt This Kid?! (The Baby Bookworm Edition)

  1. Oh wow that’s a rare sighting. I guess because I’m surrounded by little boys (my brothers and cousins are all boys; I have girl cousins too but they’re too young to read) and encouraging them to read is next to impossible haha! Maybe I should make it a project to turn my girl cousins into little bookworms, so I have someone to bequeath my children’s and young adult books to.

  2. sounds like me when I was that age. I’d have to carry my books out in bags. That’s awesome! Now if we could get young boys to read like that…

  3. Haha, what is up with most young boys not liking to read?? I saw one little boy recently who was reading a children’s fantasy book (forgot the name), but besides that, I haven’t seen too many little boys who like books. ):

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