I’m Engaged! Sort Of.

Three stone engagement ring - in yellow gold -...

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Babysitting comes with a lot of risks, and one of them is having a little kid develop a crush on you and decide he wants to marry you.

I’m not kidding.

No, I’m serious.

You believe me yet?

I don’t know how things can get more awkward than a seven-year old boy blowing up your cell phone with voice mails and texts (seven-year olds know how to text?!), telling you how much he loves you. Not only that, but then proceeding to propose to you…in public. You know, like, with people watching.

That’s when I knew I had to have a talk with this little guy, and it here’s how it went:

Me: Squirt, put the Nintendo DS down. We need to have a talk.

Him: Okay. But can I finish my game first?

Me: No, we talk. Now.

Him: But I’m almost—


Him: Okay, okay, okay!

Me: Thank you. Now what is your deal? Why do you keep asking me to marry you? Where did this come from?

Him: ’cause I love you.

Me: Do you know what love is? I’m a dinosaur compared to you.

Him: But I like dinosaurs.

Me: That’s not the point.

Him: But I love you.

Me: And why is that?

Him: Because you play with me and give me cookies. So that’s why I love you.

Me: Don’t you think you should be into girls your own age?

Him: …

Me: …

Me: You will be mine.

Aaand, I’m screwed.

Anyone else ever been in this situation?


8 thoughts on “I’m Engaged! Sort Of.

  1. Why yes! I know the situation quite well!

    Trust me, he will grow out of it. I used to think it was cute, at the end of the day, just know it’s a phase. 😀

    Thanks for liking my post. I really like your wordpress and am your new follower!

  2. So insanely CUTE! *-*
    I’m glad this never happened to me, otherwise I’d fall n the cry and cry a river.
    One young boy used to say he loved me, but we didn’t see each other for about 2 years after that, so, when we met again, he didn’t even remember that we used to play together. (The age difference was of like… 6 years, maybe.)

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